We're a small team that's full of big ideas

A group that identifies with the concept of the team. A team that brings together excellence in ceramic products and exports it to more than 110+ countries the world. With its distinctive trademark, Seven Arc underlines the evolution of a story that has represented innovation and tradition for more than 5 years as a recognisable and trustable brand.

Seven Arc, a leading company in the production of high range ceramic tiles and sanitary ware, has a presence in over 110 countries throughout the world with a wide choice of solutions for floors and coverings which range from the contract to the wellness and residential industry, and from the medical to the leisure industry, responding to all building and living requirements.



Right from the very start, Seven Arc is strongly motivated towards its connotation as an innovative company, with high technological production and forward-looking vision. It continued with undeniable success along a path marked by victory, consolidating its business in all the markets acquired over the years, creating awidespread network of showrooms which became leading-edge examples for the world of architecture.



Its commitment originated from 5 years' history, during which quality, skill and innovation went hand in hand, bringing the company into a predominant market position.

Its constant attention to environmental issues is the social commitment that distinguishes Seven Arc in its goal, thanks to detailed and constant research, in order to design and create excellent products using purer raw materials, the same that give life to the materials.

The pureness of the raw materials, along with the most advanced technology and continuous study of the aesthetic trends and advanced design, is a guarantee of long-lasting results.